What our families say?

Our happy parents and their valuable comments

We have had our daughter at Aroona Childcare Centre for over a year now and she is so happy there!
A huge reason why we chose ACC is because of the long term staff that work there.
I thought that if the staff love coming to work so much that they would stay for years and years, then it must be a lovely environment to bring my child into.
We have never had an issue with our daughter not wanting to go, in fact in the mornings over breakfast she says see Cathy now, see Eboni now.
When we arrive she runs to the gate and gives me a quick kiss and doesn’t look back.
It makes me feel good about leaving her there while I work as I know she is happy, stimulated and enjoying herself with her friends. The car ride home is always full of stories about the exciting things she got up to and the friends she played with.
It’s a huge thing for me to leave her with any one, we don’t even use babysitters. But I fully trust the educators at the centre and I know that my daughter is in safe hands. I would recommend ACC to every family needing a safe, fun, caring environment for their children’s care.

Katrina Coghill

Happy Toddler Mother

Since Lucy has been at Aroona child care centre she comes home happy and exhausted. Her day is full of activities, painting, drawing, cooking, singing and playing! The day is structured including toilet training!

Lucy loves the staff and gives them cuddles before leaving, at her previous centre she was not affectionate so I know my baby is happy, that makes me happy!

Becky Richards

Happy Toddler Mother

After being at another centre and having some concerns I moved my son to Aroona and he has been excelling ever since. 

He is participating in activities, making friends and LOVES going to kindy (he wants to go 5 days!) 

Thank you so much to all the staff for putting this anxious mummy’s mind at ease knowing he is loving it. Xx

Samantha Nobbs

Happy Kindy Mother

My 18month old son Joshua is in the Butterfly Babies room at Aroona Child Care Centre.

Aroona was recommended to me by a couple of mothers I know well, whose children also attended the centre and were very happy with the quality care the children received.

The genuine affection and care that the staff show Joshua makes saying goodbye to Joshua in the mornings an easy and comforting experience, I know he is happy, having fun and learning.

The happy and smiling staff and the quality care makes Aroona Childcare Centre a special place.

Michelle Welsh

Happy Babies Mother

Aroona Child Care Centre has been such a loving & nurturing environment for both my girls who started in the Baby Room at 6mths of age. I feel that it is truly a family environment & that makes it so much easier to leave them knowing there in the best possible care.  The Centre is family owned & run with long term staff who know what they’re doing & most importantly they love what they’re doing.  

The staff at Aroona Child Care are amazing & definitely the backbone of the business & the children absolutely love them.   

Skye Niehus

Happy Junior Kindy Mother

After reconsidering the needs of our son, we discussed with friends where they send their children for kindy after feeling that our little boy wasn’t happy about going to care while we were at work. A neighbour had told us about Aroona Child Care and how caring and supportive the staff were, so I took my little boy for a look and to discuss their principles and strategies. Immediately I felt that the carers genuinely cared about the children and had a hands on approach by guiding them in both their inside and outside play areas, whilst having a watchful eye on all the children.   I feel so relieved at kindy drop off now knowing that our son is not only happy, but looking forward to his day and seeing his carers/teachers. When I pick up my little boy each day I get to hear about his day and know that he is not only happy, but supported throughout his day and learning all the time. I really cannot recommend Aroona Child Care highly enough!


Maree Qualischiefski

Happy Kindy Mother

Aroona Child Care – We love you!

Choosing a Child care is a huge family decision and was one we sure didn’t make lightly. Many years ago we had friends who raved about Aroona Child Care.
When I went to Aroona myself, to enquire about enrolment for 2017, and realised many of the same staff were still there from over 10 years ago, it spoke volumes to me.
All staff at Aroona Child Care have made, and continue to, make an effort to make our precious little one feel loved and valued. She is not just a number at this wonderful child care centre: she is a valued contributor.
Our family hugely appreciates the programs they run and activities that are made available.
Our little one especially enjoys the yoga program on Mondays- Namaste!
We are so happy to have made the decision to send our baby girl to Aroona and look forward to seeing what she learns and achieves every day she attends.

Kelly Hayes

Happy Junior Kindy Mother