Spring has nearly sprung,so the Starfish have been busy planting their seeds and plants in our little garden. Have you had a look? We have lots of plants nearly ready to flower come spring.

We have also been busy making our own grassy heads, we can’t wait to see the finished product. We watch patiently everyday to see if our hair has grown.
We have been discussing what will make our plants grow – Sunshine,water and love. We take great delight in caring for our plants.

We have had discussions about things in our gardens at home; the children shared their thoughts with eachother. We had many interesting answers like; flowers, ants, tomatoes, trees, birds, butterflies and even snakes.

The Starfish were so excited when they spotted little strawberries growing on our strawberry plant; but we had to wait a few more days until they were red and juicy before we picked them.
The children spoke about all the types of things we can make with our strawberries; strawberry yoghurt, strawberry icecream, jam, milkshakes, strawberry pie, fruit pizza and strawberry fruit skewers.
Great thinking Starfish!!

We decided to make pikelets with strawberries cooked inside, the children loved them and licked their fingers in delight.
We often talk about the types of food we eat, sometimes foods and foods that are good for our bodies. We love to make healthy choices.

We love to cook in the Starfish room and we get very excited to try new foods.
I wonder what we will make next time?? 

Written by Cathy – Starfish Teacher.

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